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Title: F1 2013 review
Post by: Parminio on Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Well, I recieved my copy of F1 2013 for PC three days ago. Unlike most reviews, I'm going to start with the bad on move to the good.


It's painfully obvious that this game was designed for a console first and foremost with very little thought given to the PC. The complete lack of any mouse usability is something of a pain in the ass from the word go. That said, although inconvenient as hell, it's not something you can't overcome. The keyboard shortcut keys are easily reset to whatever you want and the steering wheel program ability is excellent as well. I'm using the Logitech MOMO Force and it works beautifully.

Another obvious "it's a game console" project giveaway is the cinematics at the game start. You have absolutely no ability to bypass them and just get to the track to set up the game to play your way. You HAVE to go through them. It isn't until you're actually into the young drivers challenge that you have the ability to configure your controls and keyboard for use. Again, the game assumes you're on a console even though you bought the thing specifically for the PC.

Those are the only glaring errors of the game, folks. I'm not kidding. That's it. It does absolutely nothing but get better from here.


Everything. EVERYTHING is good. The graphics are simply stunning. The sound is spectacular as well. If you close you're eyes, you'd swear there was a live race on your television and not a game on your PC. Even with your eyes open it's hard to see the difference. The graphics are just that good.

The realism is about as close as you're going to get too. With the driver aids on, it's VERY arcade-like and quite easy to master. But turn them off and crank the realism to full blown and it's your ass.

The "drop off a cliff" tire wear is so accurately modeled in this game it's actually infuriating. Now you will see why all the drivers bitched about it so much last year. It is a real pain in the ass...which as far as game play goes, is a very good thing.

Career mode is fantastic. I got an offer from Force India (and was lucky to get it given my setup performance) and am pounding along through the F1 season hoping to impress a team further up the grid.

Guys, if you've been on the fence about buying this thing, get off it. Buy it.

THE VERDICT: This is the F1 game you've been waiting all your life for. Buy it.

Edit to add a couple of screen shots:


Title: Re: F1 2013 review
Post by: Whisky A Go Go on Wednesday, February 12, 2014
I just might have to come over and check that out man. That looks pretty **** cool.
Title: Re: F1 2013 review
Post by: Parminio on Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Yea man. Ride on over and have a go. I know you're an XBox kind of guy, but trust me: You'll LOVE it!